Silent Yellow Lights Follow Car – Montana Highway.

Location of Sighting: Near Alberton, Montana on I-90
Date of Sighting: September 23, 2017
Time of Sighting: 6 AM MDT

Description: I was driving through Montana at 6 am. There were no cars, and then I happened to notice a light yellow light behind me. At first I thought it was a motorcycle, but there was no sound and the light wasn’t perfectly round like a headlamp would be. It followed me for a minute or so and then blinked off. The same thing happened a few minutes later. I felt like this light was following me and it was a bit creepy. I have no idea what it was. Then later at home, I was watching Josh Gates’ Hunt For Extraterrestrials on the Travel Channel, and he was at the Atacama Desert in Chile and there was the exact same light.

More Information Provided by Witness: My sighting was around 6 AM on September 23rd of this year. I was traveling on I-90 (the major highway through Montana), and I was somewhere near the town of Alberton which is about 30 miles northwest of Missoula. The funny thing is that I had had a reading before I left on my trip, and I was given some coordinates that came through the reader really fast. She had no idea why she had been given them, and before I left on my trip, I tried to find the closest town to those coordinates, and it was somewhere between Superior and Alberton, and lo and behold, that is where I first saw the light. I actually saw it three times. The last one was just for a second or two and farther away.

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