Long Rectangular Object With Dotted Lights Along Object.

Location of Sighting: Big Fork, Montana
Date of Sighting: March 11, 2021
Time of Sighting: 6 AM MST

Description: At 6:00 am on 3/11/21 I looked up to the northeast sky and saw an object that was long and rectangular with dotted lights along the whole object. It looked like longer than 10 jet aircraft and was moving faster than a commercial jet would, yet not too fast to watch for about 20 to 30 seconds. It was moving west to east. I got my binoculars out of the car,  but then the object went out of my vision as it was beginning to get light in the east. Did anyone else report seeing this object? Let me know.

Note: A somewhat similar object was seen in Washington state at two locations (Chehales and Cle Elum) only 5 minutes before this sighting. I suspect that the witnesses were looking at the same object. If this is true, the object must have been flying very high.

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2 Responses to Long Rectangular Object With Dotted Lights Along Object.

  1. Brian Gere says:

    I saw it. It was traveling in an east-northeast direction. I tried to get video of it, but I could not pick it up on my phone. I live in the Bitterroot Valley and it was 5:58 AM. It was long and cylinder like. It had no wings, no tail like a plane and the lights down the side ran from front to back. What was very strange to me was there was absolutely no sound. I stepped out on my deck and watched it disappear into the break of dawn. I pulled up my compass and looked at my map and it appeared to be heading straight for Malmstrom Air Force base in Great Falls. It was definitely the strangest thing I have ever witnessed in the skies. When hot air balloons go by in the valley I can hear them talking in the basket. This thing put out no sound at all. When I went through my video I have a spot of about one second that shows a long rock type object that looks nothing like what I was seeing. Was it military or?

    • craig says:

      I saw the exact same thing on March 4 at 6:04 AM ATL time in Central New Brunswick Canada flying from west to east. I tried to get a picture, but it only came out as a long light. I could see the actual structure and it looked like a sideways sky scraper with dim lights back along the side of it. It made no sound and took about a minute to cross the sky so it had to be massive especially if it was outside the atmosphere. It looked to be about the length of 10 jets. I suspect this was at the edge of our atmosphere so to look that big it must have been huge.

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