Multicolored Blinking Lights Seen Regularly in Sky.

Location of Sighting: Poplar, Montana
Date of Sighting: Reported Nov 29, 2018 (Seen on Many Nights).
Time of Sighting: 6 PM Until Early Morning

Description: I live on the Ft. Peck Indian Reservation in NE Montana. I have been noticing lights in the sky (nightly) that have been recurring for years now and no one seems to notice or care around here. I see the many colors blinking (blue, yellow,red, white, green), bright yellow, bright white, bright orange ones all of the different levels of altitude that seem to get closer as the night wears on. By morning they are at their closest until light comes and they start to fade up into the sky farther and farther away. Sometimes they shine through the clouds or fog without care of being noticed. I have many stories to tell and I have seen them on the ground moving around as though searching for something! Crazy! I have told people and showed them when they thought I was crazy at first. When I first noticed years ago, there was a great abundance of them, now there seems to be not as many but the USUAL ones are ALWAYS there and sit stationary and the rotation of the earth is only when they seem to show different positions. If you want to study these things on a nightly basis then this is the place. I have seen lots of them moving across the sky at high speeds and slow down to EXCHANGE places with another as to have a “changing of the guard’ so to speak. I had an Apple IPAD one time with lots of photos and videos, but that disappeared altogether awhile back. I have a camera now that doesn’t seem to zoom well at all and I pretty much gave up on recording or photos, but will send the ones I happened to take not long ago. I hope this enough to convince you of my words. I swear to my words and ask that someday you could visit and check for yourselves of the abundance they sit in the sky and seem to just ‘WATCH’ us down below. I do not fill in the dates and times cause it’s EVERY NIGHT! I have lots to say and am to excited to write it all. I cannot send photos through this format, but send via e-mail address above.

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  1. jake says:

    I have been seeing them also. It is 8/29/19 and I live in Pennsylvania. I got a good video of it last night. They seem to blink in a circle and it does not like being recorded. It kept moving out my camera view.

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