Triangle of Lights Seen. Lights Move & Blink Out.

Location of Sighting: Helena, Montana
Date of Sighting: November 22, 2017
Time of Sighting: 8:20 PM MST

Description: I came home from visiting a friend, cancer patient, in the Hospital. It was 49 degrees, comfortable no wind and it was a clear night. I stood on the porch as I approached the door letting the dog out. Something made me look South, rather than go inside. I saw it, still as could be, in the night sky. I didn’t go in the house. I said something to the dog & just stood there watching the object. There was no movement and no noise. I questioned what I was seeing & was going through the list (no movement, no noise). I realized this was real, how amazing. I never considered taking a photo with my phone. I didn’t think it would work. It was too dark to see the actual body of the object. I saw just the amber lights & I was in awe not wanting to ruin the moment. I knew it was real. I talked to it in my thoughts. I watched for 10 to 15 minutes, as I noticed the truck clock before got out of the vehicle. I checked the clock in the house when I finally went in. The stillness of the craft was changed, when the bottom left light began to slowly move East, then blinked out! The top light headed straight up & blinked out. Finally the bottom right light dropped down pretty low. I wondered if it was going to land, but it changed to red & it finally blinked out as well. My thoughts as I watched it were so peaceful. I felt no fear, just wonder. I found my self asking the beings inside if they knew much about cancer. Could they help my friend? Could they help humanity with this horrible plague? I didn’t feel an answer, but I did feel they heard me. When it was gone I hoped I would see more.

Note: This same report was reported to MUFON. MUFON concluded that the object was Chinese Lanterns and that the object was sighted near the airport. The airport in Helena is not towards Mt Helena. Also the objects were probably airborne too long (10 to 15 minutes) to be Chinese Lanterns?

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