Yellow Light Blinks On & Off Follows Car.

Location of Sighting: On I-90 Near Alberton, Montana
Date of Sighting: October, 1999

Description: This exact thing happened to me in the same area on I-90 back in October, 1999. I saw a yellow light and thought that it was a motorcycle. There was no sound that I could hear. I was driving through with two friends. The driver said where did this light behind us come from? I looked behind us and it was far behind us and we were doing 100. I looked forward and immediately back and now it was right behind us and then the light went out. It happened three more times and blinked off each time. Reading your post gave me the chills.

Note: The witness is comparing his sighting to a similar sighting on I-90 near Alberton, MT on Sep 23, 2017.

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