White & Faint Yellow Object Spews Out Red Flashes.

Location of Sighting: Helena, Montana
Date of Sighting: September 21, 2012
Time of Sighting: 8:15 PM MDT

Description: At about 8:15 PM on Friday, September 21, 2012. I saw a UFO. It was at 12 o’clock high and stayed in that vicinity, except for brief travels south, but never went beyond 11 o’clock. For the most part, the object was white or white and a faint yellow color. The exception was every minute or two, it would spew out red flashes in all directions –resembling a 4th of July sparkler.

With one apprehension, that I will explain below, I am convinced this was an alien object or it was something our federal government has kept hidden from the public. I say this because no flying object I am aware of can reverse directions 180 degrees so quickly.

Several times, however, it chose to turn slowly lolkittens slowly and when it did it resembled something very graceful such as a fish swimming in a clear montain stream.

In the interest of full disclosure, I will now advise you that I have had Parkinson’s disease for 24 years and for about a year have been expreriencing hallucinations. I am able to recall only a small number of these events and then not in great detail, such as this report. People who know me well will ordinarily descrribe me as very left brain dominant. In other words, I am not given to flights of fancy.

I watched it for about 15 minues and then went inside. About an hour and a half later I went outside again. This time I saw several UFOs–all traveling north. I went inside, hoping to see coverage of the sighting on TV. There was no mention of it that night or since then on TV or the local paper.

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