Triangular Object Photographed in Butte, MT.

Location of Sighting: Butte, Montana
Date of Sighting: March 25, 2012
Time of Sighting: Noon MDT

Strange Object Photographed in Day Sky.

Strange Object Photographed in Day Sky.

Description: I was randomly taking pictures and caught this on camera. I almost missed it because it was caught in the upper right hand corner. There is NOTHING above our little house, no satellite dish or nothing. The pink blob is just a lens flare as you get when shooting towards the sun. If you zoom in you can see better. This is the second aerial object I have seen over the last 3 years. I don’t think there is JUST the typical disc or triangle objects out there. Think of all the objects not picked up by the naked eye that are in our space.

Note: The witness sent 2 photos. The photo displayed above does not contain the lens flare described by the witness. This was in the photo not displayed.

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