Witnesses Stunned by Object With Bright Lights & Loud Whirring Sound.

Location of Sighting: Pattee Creek Canyon (Just East of Missoula, Montana)
Date pf Sighting: Fall of 1973 or 1974

Description: Greetings: I experienced an encounter in 1973 in Pattee Creek Canyon at a known overlook area. An unseen and very loud “whirring” sound began. It became obvious that the sound was coming from over the edge of the overlook. We were stunned and I couldn’t move. As the sound came up to the edge, the brightest lights where suddenly on us. There was no lost time. My friend grabbed me and had to drag me until my legs could run again. It disappeared almost instantly. Are there any other reports in Montana that resemble my account?

Thank you for responding! It was the fall of 1973 or 1974.

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