2 “Domed Headed” Android Creatures Wave Light.

Location of Sighting: Missoula, Montana
Date of Sighting: 1968
Time of Sighting: Night

Description: Hello. I had an interesting conversation while sitting in the eye Dr.’s office yesterday. There was a guy sitting there who I have spoken to before in the waiting room. I gave him my card months ago and he knows I have an interest in the UFO phenomenon. He told me this story. It was 1968 and he was going to Missoula University, MT (University of Montana). He and 2 friends drove out on a dark road at night for whatever reason (he didn’t say). The road was in Rattlesnake Canyon or Devils Canyon. (It was some colorful name like this, I can’t remember.) The guys saw some lights up the dark road, they got closer and they eventually came upon 2 androids moving around the road. Their domed heads were lit up and they were waving some kind of light, flashlight type thing around. They were rotating on a base back and forth. It sounds very much like a Robbie the Robot type thing. So, I ask him if he was drinking or smoking, and he said no they were all sober. His 2 friends saw the same thing. I asked him if he reported any of this to the authorities or his parents and he said no. I asked about a ship and he said they didn’t see a spaceship or any other kind of vehicle.
Anyway, I was waiting for my 92 year old Aunt to finish with the Doctor. She came out and I had to go. So, what do think? I guess one of many questions I have is, were there any reports in 1968 Missoula that might back his story up? I am sorry I can’t remember the canyon and road this all happened on.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this event.

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