Red, White & Blue Lights Little Larger Than Stars.

Location of Sighting: Great Falls, Montana
Dates of Sighting: October 14 & 15, 2020
Times of Sighting: 8 PM on Oct 14 & 1 AM on Oct 15

Description: I live just outside Great Falls Montana and on the nights of the 14 and 15th of October my wife and I saw red, white, and blue lights up in the sky, a little larger than a star. One was toward the east and the other toward the west. They didn’t appear to move at first, but when I looked at the sky again after about 30 minutes I noticed the lights in the east had moved to a location almost directly above my house although still quite a distance up in the sky. This was on the 14th of October. On the 15th they were still in the same position and did not move. I tried to get a photo, but my lens is not powerful enough to get an accurate photo. My wife and I could definitely recognize the red, white and blue lights. I tried looking with binoculars, but when I tried to zoom in it just got blurry. We are not going to have another clear sky for a while as we are expecting snow and rain starting this evening.

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  1. Laticha says:

    I live in Spokane and I have seen these as well. I got it on video!!

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