Woman Wakes Up With Bruise & Puncture Wound on Arm.

Location of Sighting: Billings, Montana
Date of Sighting: 1st Week of June, 2019

Description: Hi. Have wanted to contact you all summer. I have to tell someone. I believe that I was abducted in the first part of June this year. Am I crazy?

My name is L. (name deleted) and I’m 69 years old. In the first week of June I woke up with a bruise and puncture wound as though blood was drawn. I looked at my other arm and found a perfectly round scoop mark. I live in Billings. I grew up in NE MT.

As a child I would lay in bed at night and hope that aliens would not get me. And all of my life I have had this idea that I have an implant. It’s in my right arm. Also I have bad dreams that I don’t remember, and I remember almost all my dreams. I love alien shows and when I saw a connection to RH negative blood I was really interested as my mom was RH negative.

So, I know I sound crazy. But, this last incident really has me wondering if all of these things that I thought were just crazy thoughts all my life might be real.

Note: UFO investigator Bradford Evans interviewed the witness and wrote the report below. (The witness told Bradford that the incident happened in May of 2019. She stated the time as early June, 2019 in her original report.)

UFOs NW spoke with L. at some length. She said that in late May 2019 she discovered a bruise on the inside of her right elbow and a 2 mm divot on her left arm. The divot eventually healed up. Around this time, her husband told her that she was having nightmares, the content of which she could not remember. There were no other indications of trauma and no memories of UFO related phenomena.

L. also reported an incident of missing time when she was 20 years old while attending a rodeo in western Montana with her friends. She recalled being in the rodeo parking lot and then finding herself in nearby pasture two hours later. Her friends wondered what happened to her. She said that she felt dazed but denied using any recreational substances at the time. She has no memories of what happened during that two-hour interval. Nor did she recall anything ET or UFO related at the time. This experience did not appear to be traumatic to her.

L. also reported an “implant” on the back of her right forearm, which has been present for a long time. Her physician told her that it’s a piece of tendon. UFOs NW has requested a photo of it.

Investigator Comment: L. came across as bright and sincere. The marks on her arms seemed like a genuine mystery to her, and she appeared to be looking for answers. She described a longstanding interest in UFOs and ETs, which made her think that the marks may have been abduction related. Without further corroborating evidence, it is hard to determine the source of these wounds.

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