Woman Wakes Up With Bruise & Puncture Wound on Arm.

Location of Sighting: Billings, Montana
Date of Sighting: 1st Week of June, 2019

Description: Hi. Have wanted to contact you all summer. I have to tell someone. I believe that I was abducted in the first part of June this year. Am I crazy?

My name is L. (name deleted) and I’m 69 years old. In the first week of June I woke up with a bruise and puncture wound as though blood was drawn. I looked at my other arm and found a perfectly round scoop mark. I live in Billings. I grew up in NE MT.

As a child I would lay in bed at night and hope that aliens would not get me. And all of my life I have had this idea that I have an implant. It’s in my right arm. Also I have bad dreams that I don’t remember, and I remember almost all my dreams. I love alien shows and when I saw a connection to RH negative blood I was really interested as my mom was RH negative.

So, I know I sound crazy. But, this last incident really has me wondering if all of these things that I thought were just crazy thoughts all my life might be real.

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