3 Star-Like Objects in Triangular Formation Blink Out.

Location of Sighting: Kalispell, Montana
Date of Sighting: August 1, 2019
Time of Sighting: 10:30 PM MDT

Description: I had gotten my 6″ reflector telescope out and was having a backyard viewing of planets and the Moon. I had invited our neighbor over so my neighbor, a friend and I and took turns observing. It was an absolutely cloudless night and the moon was about 50% illuminated.I saw three stars which on first glance were the correct spacing, but strangely not in a line, which confused me. The arrangement was one star to the north and two stars to the south roughly ‘pointing’ to the north. The first ‘star’ (north) went dark and then, the two southern stars went totally dark. We were all shocked, because ALL three of us were looking directly at this group. The size of the objects appeared ‘star’-sized, but could possibly have been bright satellites. But since they were not apparently moving, we don’t think it could have been a change in reflection from going behind the limb of the sun into ‘night’ at their altitude, especially since it occurred so rapidly.

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