Green Orb Shows Up in Background of Photo of Sun.

Note: This report was extracted from the MUFON UFO database (Case # – 78331)

Location of Sighting: East Glacier, Montana
Date of Sighting: July 31, 2016
Time of Sighting: 8:10 PM MDT



Description: The questions above really don’t pertain to me as I only noticed this green thing in my pictures two days after. I was on vacation, going to visit Glacier National Park in Montana. We stayed in East Glacier at a cabin the night before. I have never been in the mountains before, so I went outside and took a few pictures of the mountain behind us. I took 2 with my cell phone and 1 with my camera. Two days later as we were driving to Yellowstone, as a passenger, I had time to look over my photos. As I was going through them on my camera, I came across this picture, which I will attach. I must say, I kind of freaked out. I zoomed in on the picture on my camera. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, or I should say I am still not exactly sure what I see. I guess I am writing to you to see if there is a different explanation. I know the sun is going down and was shining right in my lens when I took the picture. But I definitely see a face in that green thing. I should say I am attaching another photo that I took with my cell phone before the picture with the camera. It was probably only a minute or so before. But in the cell phone picture, the “orb” is only a small circle. Then a minute or so later, it is what appears in my camera photo. I should also mention when I was out there taking the pictures, there was absolutely nothing that I saw, no glowing object, nothing reflecting from the sun that I saw. I am really interested in what experts have to say. Thanks.

MUFON Field Investigator Notes: he two photos that the witness provided are classic examples of lens reflection.

This case is closed with a disposition of IFO – Man-made Object – Lens reflection.

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