Flashing Stationary Light Near Constellation Orion.

Note: This Report Was Extracted From the MUFON UFO Database (Case # 80314): www.mufon.com

Location of Sighting: Billings, Montana
Date of Sighting: November 4, 2016
Time of Sighting: 12 AM MST

Description: I let my dog out to go potty and I looked up at the sky. I saw the big dipper and looked for Orion. When I found Orion, I noticed that one of the stars where the foot is supposed to be. It was brighter and was flashing light. Since we live in an area where planes go over to the airport I thought maybe it was a plane coming in. I looked at it for about 5 to 10 minutes and noticed the flashing light never moved. It looked like it was hovering and not moving. So I thought maybe it was a helicopter. However, it never went up or down and never left that spot. I thought this was odd, so I grabbed my cell phone and took a few pictures. I then looked at them and saw no color to them and was disappointed because I saw color with my eyes. So I blew it up and the light was a square with a black outline. Then I decided to video it. When I did this the object moved all over. I quit videotaping and looked at the light and it was not moving. Hmm I thought that this was odd. So I again used the video and again the object moved around. I then decided to blow it up and saw a spinning orb of different colors. I was sure what I captured. It had to be some kind of aircraft and I was imagining it. So the next night it was there again and I took photos and a video. The object looked the same and only with the video the orb moved around crazy like. I showed my brother and he did not know what it was. I texted the picture to my daughter. She did not know what it was either. My brother said I should turn this in. I now see 4 of these objects and another on the west side (this not as big). I also just went out and saw this object again. I forgot to say, I had my husband look at it one night and he said it was weird and did not know what it was. My brother who lives on the other side of town, was able to see it and take a picture and it showed a rectangular white light.

Note: MUFON investigative revealed that the witness is describing a celestial object. Probably the star Rigel, which is a Pulsating Variable Star. This case is closed with a disposition of IFO – Natural Phenomenon – Celestial Object.

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