6 White Star-Like Objects Sequentially Appear, Fly Erratically & Vanish.

Note: This report was extracted from the MUFON UFO Database (Case # – 78987)

Location of Sighting: Billings, Montana
Date of Sighting: September 6, 2016
Time of Sighting: 8:50 PM MDT

Description: At 8:50 PM, two jets, two low flying planes and a helicopter flew directly overhead, traveling N by NW. Within the same minute, a third low flying plane and second helicopter with a search light flew over. Sixty degrees W, a white star-like object appeared about the same brightness as Mars. It hovered for a moment, appeared solid white and abruptly flew N for about 10 seconds before spontaneously disappearing. A second object spontaneously appeared at 9:00 PM from 60 degrees S. It flew N by NE in a subtle zigzag flight pattern for approximately 30 seconds and continued past the horizon. Both objects were star-like and unwavering white in color. One minute after the second object disappeared, two very low flying planes and a helicopter flew overhead. At 9:03 PM, the third object appeared from the NE almost directly overhead and traveled S in a linear flight path. It shared the same brightness as the first two objects and was unwavering white in color. At 9:05 PM, my wife came outside and we witnessed a fourth object from the W traveling S by SE for five seconds and spontaneously disappearing. Lasting for only a split second, we did see one meteor in the S by SW sky. However, without doubt we both attest that the third object was not a meteor or something entering the atmosphere. I can confirm that all unidentified objects were not space debris entering our atmosphere. Between 9:15 PM – 9:20 PM, the fourth object appeared 45 degrees W. It traveled N for approximately 20 seconds before spontaneously disappearing 60 degrees above the horizon. Within this time-frame, one helicopter, one jet and two low flying planes appeared. One plane had a search light. 9:30 PM, at approximately 60 degrees W, a fifth object appeared. It traveled N in a white, unwavering path for 10 seconds before disappearing. Two low-flying planes circled directly overhead between 9:30 PM and 9:40 PM. The sixth and final object appeared at 9:55 PM 45 degrees S. It hovered for a moment and then started traveling N by NE. This object was also unwavering white in color and disappeared within five seconds. Within a minute of the final sighting, a jet traveling from the S flew directly overhead and continued a linear flight pattern to the NE. All unidentified objects moved at relatively the same speed, slower than a satellite, but faster than the jets. Only the afterburners from the jets, engines from the low-flying planes and blades from the helicopters were heard. No sound was heard from the six unidentified, white unwavering objects.

MUFON Investigative Notes: his report reads like a technical manual. The witness throws so many almost impossible to substantiate “facts” out that the entire report sounds more like fiction. This is the second report from this same witness with basically the same type of information. It’s curious how the witness can make the statement “I can confirm that all unidentified objects were not space debris entering our atmosphere.” How does he know that? Another question – How does an object fly “past” the horizon? The horizon is always there and at a great distance.

This case is closed with a disposition of Information Only.

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