2 Bright Lights Like Fireworks Ascend Straight Up.

Note: This report was extracted from the MUFON UFO database (case # – 74141)

Location of Sighting: Wolf Point, Montana
Date of Sighting: January 28, 2016
Time of Sighting: 7:28 AM MST

Description: I was driving back on highway 13 (2 miles south of the Missouri River Bridge). I looked northwest and saw 2 bright lights. They were almost like fireworks and were slowly ascending – straight up – like asteroids. They were bright and seemingly burning. It was almost as if I were witnessing a rocket except for there wasn’t a long tail. It was very hard to gauge the distance. One light was ahead, but off to the side of the other light at a slight offset angle. Then one slowly dimmed as it reached an altitude where it seemed to stop ascending. Then the other also stopped ascending as if it had run out of fuel and then dimmed out. I had burnt out seemingly as if there were rockets leaving the atmosphere. Except for getting brighter it just burnt out. This seemed to happen towards the middle of the sky so if it was a long ways away it could have been a very high altitude. But when I first spotted it, it seemed to only be about 20 to 25 degrees up. I have seen the space station before and that was also 2 lights. This was very alarming and I drove towards the river on a dirt road, but could see no traces. I called local dispatch and alerted them, but they seemed to only respond that they would be watching for more phone calls. The lights didn’t come back or move in any way. they just went straight up and were gone. I would enjoy helping to monitor and respond if you ever need me in any way. The Glasgow Air Force Base is northwest of me and I know they do test flights. Perhaps they picked it up on radar?

Investigative Note: This sounds like an observation of Chinese lanterns. Glasgow Air Force Base was decommissioned in the 1960’s. Boeing uses the runways at the old base to do test flights.

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