Erratic Moving Bright Light Detected by Security Camera.

Location of Sighting: Helena, Montana
Date of Sighting: January 29, 2015
Time of Sighting: 9:52 PM MST

Watch Clip of Footage of Erratic Moving Light (YouTube):



Description: I have 3 digital security cameras set to detect motion. One of my cameras had it’s motion sensor triggered and recorded several minutes of footage of an erratic moving bright light. The camera was in night (infrared mode). The object was detected for several minutes and eventually vanished. I don’t know the identity of the object. I know what it wasn’t. It was not a spider web because I checked the camera and none was present. It was not a bug because the temperature was too cold. (The temperature was 32 degrees and winds were out of the Southwest at 4 MPH.) Obviously the light was not an aircraft. The blurry out-of-focus objects are ice crystals and dust particles. This object was not an ice crystal, dust particle or someone shining a light. None of the 3 cameras show that anyone was outside at the time of video. Also the object is in focus.

Update – Feb 13, 2015: I reviewed the above footage with the security camera expert that installed my cameras. We have concluded that the object was probably a “spider sac” that had blown off a nearby eve and was suspended in mid air. I know that there was no spider activity near my camera lens nor were there any trees or other structures in the video path of my camera that would support a spider web.

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