Objects Morphing Green, Gold, Red & White Lights Hover.

Location of Sighting: Helena, Montana
Date of Sighting: September 9, 2013
Time of Sighting: 7 PM to 4 AM MDT

Description: I live on the west side of Mt. Helena. At approximately 7 PM an object was seen over the Helena valley while we were on back patio. Initially we thought it was a plane, as we observed this bright object. Upon further investigation and the use of binoculars we certain that it wasn’t a plane. The object was morphing green, gold, red and white lights. We observed it for an hour in the same position. I couldn’t believe my eyes, so called my girlfriend that lives further out in the valley, and she too with binoculars observed the UFO. It had beautiful colors, with white lights around the edge, circular in design, but underneath is where the colors were morphing. I came back into house to view through my picture window, only to discover to my amazement that there were other objects hovering in close proximity to the very bright one. I quit counting at six as there were many others of a smaller size.

At 4:30 AM I went to let my dogs outside and thought just for the heck of it I’ll take my binoculars and see if objects are still there. To my utter amazement and sheer delight there they were! Although they had moved to directly over the city of Helena. I watched for several minutes, and thanked them for their galactic watch and beautiful display. I have seen many bright lights on the west side of MT. Helena, and observed triangular shape UFOs, but this was my first for disc shaped UFO’s. What a thrill! As I returned to the house I felt that I was in communication with them. as pieces of my life puzzles begin to be answered. I look forward to continue viewing the skies again and being in communication.

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