Crop Circles – Flathead Valley, Montana – Late 1990’s, Early 2000’s.

Note: This report was taken from a Kalispell Daily Interlake newspaper article printed on October 26, 2017



The Flathead Valley appears to be a hot spot for otherworldly activity. Crop circles have popped up north of Kalispell and reports have surfaced of orb-like UFOs frequenting the skies.

A series of crop circles appearing north of Kalispell in the late 1990s and early 2000s sparked Joan Bird’s interest in extraterrestrial activity. The Montana scientist and author went on to write “Montana UFOs and Extraterrestrials” after studying the mysterious activity in the Flathead Valley and beyond.
Joe Hauser, owner of the Montana Vortex and House of Mystery, said he thinks there’s something particularly out of this world happening in the Flathead Valley.
Hauser said he and his wife Tammy frequently use high-powered binoculars to spot UFOs flying “in and out” of Columbia Mountain. Similar UFO sightings have also been reported around Flathead Lake.

“Personally, I think they are some sort of extraterrestrial craft,” Hauser said.
UFO experts Bird and Hauser, who both have backgrounds in science, said the mounting body of evidence they’ve seen made them believe in extraterrestrials.
Bird said she thinks three out of four of the crop circles that appeared in the Flathead Valley are authentic.
While the first was likely made by humans, the other three exhibited otherworldly characteristics, she said. Authentic crop circles are known to create a mysterious electromagnetic field that can change the biology of crops.

“Some of the crop circles had an unknown energy that was bending the crop instead of breaking it,” Bird said.
Evidence collected at the scene of the second crop circle, near the intersection of U.S. 2 and Highway 40, exhibits the hallmarks of these energetic changes, according to Bird.

A pilot who flew over the crop circle also reported his compass being thrown off as he flew over the mysterious pattern, she said.
Columbia Falls resident Hauser said the extraterrestrial activity he sees typically appears in the form of white, orange or green balls of light in the sky around Columbia Mountain.

“Some of them shoot out of the mountain and hover in the sky, while others immediately take off straight into the Milky Way,” he said. “Sometimes they do aerial acrobatics. I’ve seen one make a ‘Z’ pattern back and forth before shooting off.”

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  1. Gene Skare says:

    I’m VERY interested in this phenomenon was not aware this was taking place 5-8 miles from home here in C. F. We have seen things in the sky right over our home and like Mr. Hauser stated right out/off the mountain. Has anyone noticed the low rumbling sound late at night when it’s real quiet. It sounds like a giant “drilling machine”, north of C.F. We thought “THEY”were drilling under old aluminum plant like 300 to 500 feet down! I am not experienced in underground work,”Just a sensation when I hear/feel it.” It is very bizarre I think.

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